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2007 Survey Results

The 2007 survey of stone fruit trees for Plum pox virus (PPV) ran from June 26 through October 5.  The PPV lab at NYSAES tested a combined total of 91,425 samples.  Of these samples, 87,876 were orchard samples collected by NYSDAM and 3,549 were collected from homeowner's sites by USDA-APHIS.

A total of 20 positives trees from five peach orchards in two Counties were identified in 2007; four blocks in the towns of Porter, Wilson, Newfane, and Lewiston in Niagara County, and one block in the town of Ridgeway in Orleans county.  No homeowner sample tested positive for PPV. View 2007 New York State Plum Pox Virus Positive Detections map.

After a very busy summer of close coordination, the PPV Lab group and the NYSDAM sampling team met to tour each other's facilities.  The sampling team was able to see where the thousands of leaves they spent their summer harvesting went and how they were processed.  More importantly, the PPV Lab group visited the orchards that were in the process of being eradicated after confirmation of PPV.

Orchard Eradication

The entire PPV lab was trained with a heavy emphasis on exactly how serious test results were and how strongly a positive finding would impact the grower community.  Traveling out into the orchards to see infected fields and meet some of the affected growers was a very sobering experience.

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Most of the 2007 PPV Lab crew at NYSAES.  From left to right: Shane Cieri, Kevin Herrick, Eric Rockefeller, Aracely Ospina, Gabrielle Brind'Amour, Travis Simpson, Kristie Curtis, Kaili Collins and Mallory Bailey.